The Zombie

Carl investigates a series of brutal murders--someone is breaking mobsters' backs like twigs. All the signs point to Francois Edmonds, a young up-and-comer in the black numbers racket. The trouble is, Francois died a week before the first murder. Soon Carl realizes that someone has brought the young man back from the dead and he is murdering those who murdered him. No one likes a snoop, so soon enough Carl finds himself a target of this killer. The only way he can save his own life is to figure out how to kill a zombie, for good!


By Gadfly on Nov 30, 2015

Popular folklore would have us believe that there exist in the Underworld ruthless men who fear nothing. This story should debunk that myth. August 14th, 2:00am. While the upper strata of the Syndicate were accustomed to dealing in millions, the foundation of their fortunes was here in their counting houses, in the small change of the numbers racket. Mr. Albert Berg, head collections man. A graduate of an Ivy League business school, he was an incompetent even by Syndicate standards. About the on…

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