The Spanish Moss Murders

An experiment in dream suppression goes horribly wrong, and the subject manifests a Cajun legend from his childhood--Peremalfait--to kill the people that he hates. Unfortunately, Kolchak becomes the next target when he threatens to unplug the subject.


By Gadfly on Jan 12, 2016

July 3rd, 10:45pm--Michelle Kelly is a young psychology graduate student and lab assistant, working with a sleeping man at a lab facility. In a hurry to catch her plane, just before leaving the lab she clumsily backs into his medical gear, disturbing him. As she walks the darkened corridors of the building, she hears a low growl. Changing her route, she exits the building and crosses the parking lot. Outside, she hears the growl again and catches a glimpse of a figure lurking in the shadows. She…

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