For Art's Sake

Suave, debonair hotelier Daniel Travers is secretly an art thief. He steals a painting belonging to a foreign country, putting U.S. negotiations at risk, and the team must recover the painting and put Travers out of business once and for all.


By Gadfly on Oct 3, 2018

Daniel Travers breaks into the exhibition hall of the New York Manhattan Museum of Art, sliding down through a skylight. He steals a painting of Saint Marcos by Montoya, on loan from the Republic of San Marcos, and uses his sword cane to cut the painting loose from its frame, bypassing the laser grid. As Travers starts to slide the painting out, a guard comes by and Travers kills him with his cane. Once he has the painting, Travers removes his stealth suit, revealing a tuxedo beneath. He…

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