Double Trouble in the Panhandle

Booth  and Brennan investigate the remains of conjoined twins found in a shallow grave  in a remote desert area on the Texas-Oklahoma border. Back at the lab, the team  determines the skeletal remains to be those of Jenny and Julie, who were  jugglers in a traveling circus. Knowing there is no way the circus folk will  talk to anyone outside their tight-knit clan, Brennan and Booth must infiltrate  the circus community in order to find out more information about the twins'  deaths. Honing Booth's Ranger knife-throwing skills, the duo goes undercover as  knife-throwing act "Buck and Wanda Moosejaw." As they encounter a variety of  suspects among the colorful circus crowd, including ringmaster Henry Simon, a rather raucous clan of clowns and a tempestuous  strong man who may have been romantically involved with one of the twins, Booth  and Brennan find the circus experience to be quite the spectacle