Episode 9

Lina allows her personal concerns for an undercover cop interfere with her drugs case while Erin becomes convinced she is the person who leaked the AG file.

Lina works a drugs case involving an undercover cop, Adam, who has been living with a Vietnamese heroin gang for three years. Shaken by his experiences, Lina fears he may be suffering from PTSD, and prove an unreliable witness. But after Tony opens her eyes to the real reason behind Adam's edginess, Lina's witness goes AWOL. Erin deals with a bizarre mistaken identity rape case: a woman who wilfully slept with the wrong blind date. Erin is faced with a tricky decision of whether there is a case for rape. Preparing for the sentencing of underworld psychopath Morris Banks, Richard meets Dr Amelia Ward, a sexy older psychologist. After success in court, Amelia returns to Richard's office, and they have sex on his leopard-print chair – leaving Conrad confused over Richard's orientation. Ben is up before Judge Rapson, who has a peculiar habit of consulting his duck umbrella during cases. But a neat piece of advice from Julie helps Ben play him right.

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