Be Right Back

When a man named Ash dies, his girlfriend Martha is grief-stricken... until a friend directs her to a service that can create an AI programmed with Ash's online personality. Eventually the software offers Martha a new improvement: a physical body for it to occupy.


By Gadfly on Dec 13, 2015

A couple, Martha Powell and Ash Starmer, stop at a gas station in their rental van and Martha goes in to get coffee. Ash is busy checking his Facebook page. He vaguely looks up as Martha comes back, and finally gets the coffee from her. Martha reminds him to put his iPhone away, and they drive home while singing to the radio. They argue about the Bee Gees and Ash sings them to Martha. When the couple gets back to Ash’s home in the country, they bring in the groceries and Ash looks briefly at…

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