White Bear

A woman, Victoria, wakes up with amnesia and a fellow survivor tells her that nine-tenths of the world's population have been turned into photo-taking zombies by a mysterious TV signal. To get to safety, they have to evade the sadistic hunters and destroy the White Bear transmitter. However, Victoria soon realizes that something far more sinister is going on.


By Gadfly on Dec 19, 2015

A woman, Victoria, wakes up seated in a room in an abandoned house. She winces at a pain 8in the back of her neck, and sees the bandages on her wrists. There’s a TV on a stand, a white symbol on the screen. Looking down, Victoria sees an open bottle of sleeping pills on the floor. Going to the window, Victor looks outside and sees a deserted playground. There’s a mirror on the wall, but Victoria doesn’t recognize the face looking back at her. She turns off the TV and calls out, but no one answer…

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