Kate Reed's beloved father is dead. She still has a lot of unresolved issues with him, that and grief, makes it hard for her to come to terms with his death. And his widow, and her ohne ex husband and...., yes she struggles. But back to work she goes and chaos insues. No longer a Lawyer, as her ex husband, her brother, her farther and her farthers widow, Kate is now a Mediator, so chaos is her business. And her act, and if you look without seeing, it would be your perception of her. But she's focused, in this episode on 5-10 things at a time; 1'st priority: Staying alive under an armed robbery on her way to work and RESOLVE the situation peacefully. 2'end priority: Keeping an innocent youngster from a 10 years prison sentence. 3'rd priority: Get a father to stand down as CEO of the company he himself has build, and give over the post to his son. 4'th priority : Staying out of jail, pleasing a judge who for some reason can hassle and boss around privat citizens. (Only in the US, thank the god's). 5'th priority : To lick the judge's butt, mediate a botched marriage perpossal. 6'th priority: ...... well you get the picture.

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MikeS posted 9 months ago

Sarah Shahi, enough said.

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