Max Wager

Liv's newest brain is an inveterate gambler and his death may be connected to his habit. Meanwhile, Blaine pays a visit to his grandfather after Angus takes over Blaine's funeral home, and Ravi tries to find a condom strong enough so that Liv and Major can have sex.


By Gadfly on Nov 11, 2015

Major comes down for breakfast, and Ravi and Peyton wonder why he's so happy. Liv comes in and kisses Major, and says that they're back together. Harry Cole leaves the courthouse after his bail hearing and cheerfully boasts to Clive that he got the plea deal of the century. He's happy that he got time in minimum security and goes to his car. Two men drive up on a motorcycle and the passenger opens fire on Clive and Harry. Clive ducks for cover and the killers drive off, and Clive realizes tha…

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