Shadow of the Hawk

Shayera agrees to meet with Carter Hall, an archaeologist who has discovered Thanagarian artifacts from ancient Egypt. With a suspicious Batman eavesdropping, Carter reveals himself to be her reincarnated lover from the past and Hawkman to a confused Shayera. The Shadow Thief attempts to steal the artifacts, which results in the destruction of the tomb, and leaves the question unresolved.


By Gadfly on Dec 2, 2015

The League is fighting a team of villains when Vixen is wounded and Green Lantern comes to her aid. After the battle, a man steps forward and identifies himself as Carter Hall, and says he’s wanted to talk to her for a long time. He shows her a sword which Batman disarms, then determines the weapon is Thanagarian. Hall, an archaeologist, reveals he found it in Egypt and it's centuries old.Hall invites Shayera to dinner and she accepts, much to Green Lantern’s dismay. Batman is working on analyzi…

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