Gus Walks into a Bank

Gus leaves Shawn waiting in the car while he goes inside a bank to make a deposit. He's only in there a few minutes before a woman spots a gun in the jacket pocket of another customer. She screams and the man is forced to pull out his weapon and take everyone in the bank hostage. One of the tellers hits the silent alarm button, bringing the cops screeching up outside the bank next to Shawn, who is unaware of what has just transpired inside. When Lassiter and Juliet inform him of the situation, Shawn is immediately worried for Gus. The cops quickly set up a command center and are able to access the security feed from the bank. Shawn sees the man holding a gun on the bank manager, stealing something from a safety deposit box. But before Shawn can investigate further, the SWAT team arrives and their negotiator, Luntz, takes over. Shawn steps away from the crowd and dials Gus' cell phone. Inside the bank, the gunman hears a cell phone ring and becomes agitated. When he asks whose phone is ringing, Gus doesn't move, but he is quickly outed by another terrified hostage. The gunman destroys Gus' cell and confiscates the phones of all the other hostages. Luntz calls into the bank to start negotiating and is quickly able to get the gunman to give up his name, Phil Stubbins, and to agree to accept pizzas for one of the hostages who is diabetic. Shawn is frustrated to be marginalized by Luntz, and tries to convince Lassiter and Juliet to act on their own. Lassiter refuses, saying it's protocol and Juliet defends Luntz to the point where Shawn is able to deduce that they are dating. Unable to get any traction with them, he goes directly to Vick and Luntz, who has since found out that Phil owes money to the IRS and his house was recently foreclosed on. Shawn tries to convince him to send him into the bank, saying he can divine more information from the situation than another cop. But Luntz has had enough of Shawn, and makes him stand behind the barricade with the spectators. As Luntz is about to send the pizzas inside, Phil calls, suspicious that the person coming in is a cop. He insists someone from the crowd bring them in, so Luntz is forced to use Shawn after all.