A Very Juliet Episode

Juliet goes to the train station to meet Scott Seaver, her college boyfriend. They had planned to meet there exactly seven years after they said goodbye, but he never shows up. At first dejected, she quickly becomes curious as to why he didn't show. She starts to use police resources to track him down, but Vick puts a stop to that before she can find anything. She sees Gus in the station, and asks for his help - but he must keep Shawn out of it. With everything that's happened between them, it would be weird. Gus agrees and goes back to the Psych office, where Shawn immediately figures out he's doing something behind his back. Gus has to admit he's finding someone for Juliet, but doesn't let him know Scott was Juliet's ex-boyfriend. The next day, an elated Shawn tells Juliet he found her missing person and he's dead. A distraught Juliet runs out of the room, and Gus must admit to Shawn who Scott really is. A guilty Shawn then decides to look deeper into what happened to Scott to give Juliet some answers. He and Henry get the police report on Scott's fatal accident and find many inconsistencies. Shawn and Gus then rope Lassiter into the investigation, who tells them that Scott used to work at a legitimate business front for the mobster J.T. Waring, who is currently incarcerated. Scott must have gotten in over his head and was taken out. They need to know more about Scott, so Shawn surreptitiously asks Juliet to tell him more about her old flame. Juliet raves about Scott, making Shawn a little jealous, but she also tells him about a rare figurine collection Scott had. He broke up the set and gave her the Dumbo because he knew she loved it.

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