A Nightmare on State Street

Gus and Emanuelle's relationship is on the rocks and Gus, she won't return his calls and he's totally distressed. When Gus begins to lose sleep over the recent nightmares in his life, he heads to a therapist who claims that he can help him.

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Episode Discussion

juliesam70 posted a year ago

Last couple of episodes have been a bit ordinary. Like they just gave up. Disappointing.

Furen posted 2 years ago

I was not a fan with this episode, it was so strange... I'm not into Zombies though, so that's a large part of it, but the style overall was strange. I'm really glad that it wasn't the last episode (though, it was the last episode shot according to the DVD farewell message)

I think it was actually one of my least liked episodes of them all...

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