While trying to pick up Vandal's trail, Waverider receives a distress signal from a sister ship. Rip goes to investigate, only to discover that time pirates have set a trap for him and his crew.


By Gadfly on Mar 11, 2016

In his quarters, Rip watches a video message that his wife and son sent him. Miranda says that London is in chaos and wants to know if Rip is all right, wherever and whenever he is. Martin comes in and Rip quickly shuts off the message. The Time Master says that Vandal's trail has gone cold, and angrily insists that he's been looking. Rip immediately apologizes and admits that he's failing his family, and explains that Gideon's CPU hasn't been updated since he went rogue. Martin warns that Rip h…

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Episode Discussion

TimDavidCasey posted 3 years ago

Yes agree this was probably my favourite episode so far

JuanArango posted 3 years ago

This was excellent, Snart and Rory were the stars of this episode.

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