On a fateful Mother's Day, several staffers in the ER face possible life-changing events. Susan Lewis' sister Chloe gives birth to a beautiful - and healthy - baby girl. Things start to go wrong however when their mother Cookie - who had agreed to take in Chloe and the baby - suddenly decides she's done enough and Susan will have to take care of it. Carter turns down an offer for an ER sub-internship in the hopes that he'll get an offer in surgery. Dr. Hicks has news for him however. Benton's mother takes a turn for the worse. Carol Hathaway is overwhelmed with the final preparations as her wedding day approaches.

Episode Discussion

WaspCorp posted a year ago

Love all the Quentin Tarantino trademarks in this one, including that Pulp Fiction reference by having Sherry Stringfield & Julianna Margulies walk around, rocking those shades !

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