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Running to Stand Still

The housewives discuss the sudden disappearance of Zach, who is later revealed to have been checked into a juvenile rehabilitation facility by Paul. Carlos, with his mother's help, becomes desperate to find out with whom Gabrielle is having affair. Lynette argues with another mother named Maisy Gibbons at Barcliff Academy about her decision to make a "politically correct" play about Little Red Riding Hood. Gabrielle worries that John may be losing interest in her when she sees him with Bree's daughter, Danielle. Susan investigates more into the mystery surrounding the Young family. Dr. Goldfine suggests that the Van de Kamps hire a "sex surrogate", much to Bree's disbelief. Gabrielle takes advantage of Juanita's gambling problem to spend more time with John. Lynette take some of the twins' ADD medication to help her prepare the costumes for the play. Julie helps Susan by breaking in to Zach's ward, where he mentions the name "Dana".

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By IngridPatriota on Aug 25, 2017

Lynette meets a new rival, Maisy Gibbons, while pitching in to help with a theater rendition of Little Red Riding Hood at the twins' new school. Lynette soon discovers that Maisy Gibbons runs the play committee to her own liking, including neutralizing the ending of the play and shooting down Lynette's suggestion to keep the true ending, as Lynette is not assuming any "heavy lifting". Lynette decides to take on the task of making costumes for the play in order to have the right to comment on the…

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