Sunday in the Park with George

Edie spies on Bree having dinner with George and confronts her about it, making her feel guilty about being intimate with him. Rex's health starts to depreciate after George tampers with his heart medication. Lynette tries to revitalize her sex life with Tom, whom she fears is losing interest due to his busy work schedule. Susan hires Mr. Shaw to investigate the Young family, unaware that he is already working for Paul. After confronting Noah Taylor, Susan learns that Mike shot a police officer in self-defense and decides to forgive him. When questioned about the birth control pills, Carlos lies to Gabrielle and claims that his mother tampered with them. Gabrielle tells John about her pregnancy, making him worry that he may be the father. Sophie's boyfriend Morty proposes marriage to her and asks her to move out, which relieves Susan from taking care of her. Felicia plots to drive Paul out of the neighborhood, to help Zach know the truth about his family.


By IngridPatriota on Aug 26, 2017

As Rex's health continues to deteriorate, George Williams continues to move his way into Bree's life. During a dinner at a fancy restaurant, Bree tells George about her adventures to Europe especially Italy. George asks if one day she would like to go but Bree quickly shakes it off since she is still married to Rex. As Bree spoon feeds George, Edie Britt watches from another table causing awkwardness for all involved. Bree later talks to Edie who tells her that she can have anyone and that she c…

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