One Wonderful Day

A series of flashbacks reveal Mary Alice's real history and her reason for suicide. The other housewives come to comfort Bree while she stays with Rex at the hospital. Tom finds out through his boss that Lynette tried to get him fired, and decides to be a stay-at-home dad, telling Lynette that it is now her turn to work for the family. When Carlos is being tried in court for assaulting Justin, John finally tells him that he was the one having an affair with Gabrielle. Edie welcomes the Applewhites to Wisteria Lane, who seem abrupt and stand-offish. Zach holds Susan at gunpoint, hoping to find Mike instead, while Mike brings Paul to a desert quarry and interrogates him about killing Deirdre. Rex begins to think that the reason for his deteriorating health is that Bree had poisoned him. He writes her a note saying that he understands and forgives her, and dies from a heart attack a few minutes later.

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