One More Kiss

Lynette catches Gabrielle kissing Tom; Mike tries to bond with Zach, which threatens Paul; Andrew attempts to blackmail Bree; and Wisteria Lane becomes more and more suspicious of the Applewhites.


By IngridPatriota on Aug 26, 2017

During an open house gathering at Bree Van De Kamp's house, Gabrielle reminisces about how she was head cheerleader back in high school. Tom relates to this since he had huge crushes on some of the girls but because he was in the marching band he was labeled a "band geek". He tells the ladies that he did not get a kiss until he was 18. Gabrielle feels sorry for him and jokingly kisses him on the lips. Lynette takes it to heart and confronts Gabrielle about it after the guests leave. Gabrielle sa…

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