Once again, Mike comes between Susan and Ian; the Gaby-Victor sparring match goes into the next round; and Edie's budding relationship with Carlos hits a snag. Meanwhile, Lynette is at her wit's end at the restaurant, and the ailing Tom (who's driving Mrs. McCluskey crazy at home) won't let her hire a highly qualified chef because of his checkered past.


By IngridPatriota on Aug 27, 2017

The episode opens with Mary Alice describing the lonely ones of Wisteria Lane; Ida Greenberg talking to her plants, Kayla whispering secrets to her dog, a neighbour shouting at the TV, and Mrs. McCluskey talking to her husband, as if he were still alive, there with her.Carlos and Edie awaken after having sex, both feeling awkward at how bad the sex was between them. Edie makes an excuse and tries to leave as early as she can. Later that day, Travers asks Edie if she was bad in bed, because he he…

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