The Thing That Counts is What's Inside

Susan goes public (against her will) for Va-Va Broom; Gaby tells her secret to the other housewives; Keith proves to be a bone of contention for Bree and Renee; Paul Young buys back the house he lived in with Mary Alice, over the objections of his new wife, Beth; and Lynette takes advantage of Penny's offer to take care of the youngest Scavo.


By IngridPatriota on Feb 20, 2018

Carlos and Gaby meet the family who raised their biological daughter Grace. Their personalities and looks are astonishingly similar. Both families agree not to tell the girls about what happened and agree on making monthly family visits. We see that Grace is very well taught on how to behave, but Juanita is not. Grace falls in love with Gaby's Chanel purse, so Gaby wants to give her one, but Juanita's real mother, Carmen Sanchez, doesn't accept it. She tells Gaby that Grace is not spoiled…

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