Closing Time

Andy has continued on a drunken bender after his son's murder, to the point where an angry Sylvia throws him out of their apartment. His behavior on the job is just as abysmal; during an interview with an admittedly hostile and unpleasant woman, Andy falls asleep and the woman chucks a soda can at him, leading to Andy nearly attacking her before Diane defuses the situation. Fancy hears about it and orders Andy to take lost time, saying he doesn't want to end Andy's career but will if he comes back a wreck again; when Andy insults the Lt., Fancy says "You're embarrassing the Job--and you're embarrassing your son's memory." Andy storms out of the 15th with unkind words for Bobby. However, Bobby and James get a break when a prostitute comes in with a story that might be useful. Bobby tells her to either give the whole facts or face a beating, and she pulls out a police badge that two creeps left at her place: it's a Hackensack PD shield, which matches Andy Jr.'s. She arranges a meeting to return the badge, but the creeps are about to beat up a passerby when Bobby walks up to them in the street. They both pull guns on him and Bobby shoots them both to death. Andy is getting tanked at a bar when he sees the news on TV, and he calls in to the 15th to confirm details. Afterwards, he spots a group of teens hanging out on a street corner and drunkenly orders them to get out, under the delusion that Andy Jr. is with him. They beat him up and take his gun. At the hospital, Bobby learns the doctor there kept Andy's identity a secret, but Bobby knows if news of the gun gets out his partner's career is over. Bobby has tough words for Andy's behavior and asks in anguish "Do you want people to HELP you, Andy?" Andy says yes, and Bobby gets to work. Officer Shannon knows the teens who beat up Andy and helps Bobby bring in their leader. When Fancy asks what's going on, Bobby tells him, and Fancy talks to the leader and brokers a deal where he gets the gun back and the kid walks. Fancy then talks to a badly beaten, sober, and sorrowful Andy and asks him what he wants to do. Andy says, sadly but clearly, that he now knows his son is dead and he wants to regain his job so he can do good again. Fancy gives him back his gun. Andy later thanks Bobby, noting he gave Bobby nothing but grief and his partner still stood up for him. He then goes home and tells Sylvia he wants to be with his family, and she says that she and their son want him back as he steps into the apartment.

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