Pokémon Scent-sation!

Ash and the others finally arrive in Celadon City. Misty then drags the boys to a perfume shop. Misty wants to smell all the perfume, while Brock is glad to meet all the pretty girls. Ash insults perfume and the owner throws him out of the shop. After Misty and Brock leave the store, they head over the Celadon Gym. It turns out that the Celadon Gym Leader, Erika, is also the owner of the perfume shop, and refuses to battle Ash and has him kicked out of the gym. Misty and Brock do nothing and decide to attend Erika's class. Meanwhile, Team Rocket decides to help Ash get into the gym, and disguise him as a girl to get in. After acting like "her" parents, they run off and go after the secret perfume Erika has in the gym. Ash then gets into Erika's class, and takes off his disguise to reveal himself and demands Erika battle him.

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