The Kangaskhan Kid

Ash and the others arrive in the real Safari Zone, and try to catch some of the many pokemon that live there. However, Officer Jenny shows up and stops them, before taking them to her tent. It turns out that in this part of the Safari Zone, you cannot catch any of the pokemon. They apologize to Jenny, and in reparation, as to help her when poachers enter the reserve. The poachers turn out to be Team Rocket, who are rounding up all the Kangaskhan. Ash and others don't even get the chance to help, due to a little boy freeing all of the pokemon, who send Team Rocket flying. After the boy and Kangaskhan leave, two people come in a helicopter and say they are looking for their lost son Tommy. When they show the picture to Jenny, it turns out to be the same boy who lives with the Kangaskhan! Meanwhile, Team Rocket come up with another plan to get the Kangaskhan.

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