The Fourth Round Rumble

Gary is battling his fourth match of the Pokemon League. His Nidoking is battling against a Golem on the rock field. After a little fighting, Nidoking is defeated and Gary is out of the Pokemon League. This defeat makes Ash nervous that he too may lose his fourth battle. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is making money by selling "official" Pokemon League badges. They also try to distract unsuspecting trainers so they can steal their pokemon, however Officer Jenny quickly puts a kink and the plan and they flee. The time has finally come for Ash's battle on the Grass Field, his final challenge before heading into Indigo Stadium. His trainer is the beautiful Jeanette Fisher, a trainer who is very skilled with her grass-type Pokemon. After tough fights Ash manages to defeat her Beedrill and Scyther, but when she calls out Bellsprout, Ash is in for his toughest league match yet.

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