The Stun Spore Detour

Ash and Pikachu stand at the edge of a rock by the water, all excited about the upcoming Orange League tournament battle, and then a huge wave from the sea looms over them and splashes down. Meanwhile, Tracey is studying a Vileplume and Ash is going to meet Tracey, but trips on a rock and tumbles into him. They both land inside the Vileplume and breathe in Stun Spore. Pikachu rushes to get help. Misty gets them to a cabin. She finds out that she needs to find some salveyo weed in order to cure Ash and Tracey. She sets out to find some, and with the help of a friendly Poliwag she finds some. However, James and Meowth are now trying to steal it from her so they can heal Jessie, who also is suffering from Stun Spore.

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