4. A Higher Power

A financial security researcher goes missing, and Harry soon realizes that her disappearance is tied in to the bracelet's last owner. Meanwhile, Harry and Anna get back together--temporarily--and Steve gets closer to learning the truth about Harry's gambling debts at the Green Dragon.


By Gadfly on Feb 14, 2016

At the Financial Regulations Security Authority building, worker Kate Olsen takes the elevator up and sees Yury watching her from the plaza outside. As she gets to the top and runs, Yury cuts off the power and tracks Kate in the building. She goes to the stairwell and sees someone coming up, and goes to an office and tries to call out. When Kate discovers that the line is dead, she hides under the desk and calls the police on her portable. Meanwhile, Yury comes in and finds Kate and she begs him…

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Episode Discussion

pentar posted 2 years ago

In the recap, it says this: "Eve says that Harry is the only one who can remove the bracelet." This is not correct. Only Eve can remove the bracelet, which is why Yury cannot kill her first. Harry has already tried repeatedly to remove the bracelet to no avail.

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