Love Hurts

When a babysitter is murdered on Valentine's Day and her heart torn out of her chest, the Winchesters learn about it and investigate. They discover that an ancient curse is responsible for the death, and that it's passed on by kissing. To save the next victim, Dean kisses her... marking himself for death.


By Gadfly on Feb 11, 2016

On Valentine's Day in Hudson, Ohio, Dan and Melissa Harper are preparing to go out. They kiss and the doorbell rings. Melissa complains that the babysitter, Staci Altman, is going to wake up their daughter Teagan. Dan answers the door and Staci apologizes for ringing the bell. Once Staci confirms that they're alone, she kisses Dan and then asks if he's going to tell Melissa that he's going to leave her. Dan points out that it's Valentine's Day and it would be heartless to break up with his wife.…

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ThunderZtorm posted 2 years ago

Very similar theme as the movie "it follows"

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