Joey and the Denial (a.k.a. Joey and the Party for Alex)

Joey plans a birthday party for his secret crush, Alex, who's ill at ease about turning 30. Meanwhile, Joey tries to ward off the advances of an annoying girl who's obsessed with him, and Jimmy and Gina decide to get matching tattoos as a declaration of their love.

Episode Discussion

sx71901 posted a year ago

Just loved this one!

Joey cannot stand it anymore seeing Dean and Alex together that happy. So he takes his chance surprising her for birthday while Dean beeing on a business trip. But Dean suddenly appears in effort to throw her a surprise party. Dean tells joey he is going to pop the question, but Joey kisses Alex just before Dean proposes to her. Alex is completely confused and going real crazy (so sweet though). Michael is really funny this time trying to DJ-ing Alex\'s birthday party....unplugged :-) Funny all over !! 20 minutes pure fun! I am going to miss this badly after this season!

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