Last Refuge

The Time Masters send their top assassin, The Pilgrim, back in time to kill the team's younger selves and eliminate them from the timestream. Once the team removes their past selves from the time stream, they are forced to take refuge in the place where Rip grew up.


By Gadfly on Apr 23, 2016

Time Master's Council The Time Masters sentence Kaylex Druzan to death via Omega Protocol. Zaman informs Drazan that the Piligrm has made contact with Drazan's younger self. Drazan gasps and disappears, and the Pilgrim enters the chamber. She is informed that her next assignment is to dispose of Rip's team, and she is to hunt down their younger selves and eliminate them. Central City: 1990 Len, Mick, and Rip are posing as firefighters at a young Mick's home as it burns. Rip tells them t…

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