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Cdr. Riker interacts with Archer's crew in a hologram of their final mission as Riker deals with a dark secret from his past. During that last voyage, Archer agrees to help an old ally retrieve his daughter as the captain prepares a speech to celebrate the establishment of the Federation.

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PatrickAbe posted a year ago

So, "Commander Will Riker" saw fit to second-guess the crew of NX-05? Imagine the great howl that would rise if "Lt. Commander Spock" had done a similar hatchet job on Picard & company. This lazy excuse to end an unpopular "Star Trek" series has spoiled ALL of "Star Trek: TNG" for me. Since "Capt. Jonathan Archer" later became an ambassador, his address to Starfleet would be of greater import than the counterfeit musings of "Number Two."

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