As Pandora and Daniel join the team to stop the Hidden One from destroying the world, Ichabod and Abbie find their way into Purgatory and make their way to the Catacombs. There they find an unexpected ally from Ichabod's past.


By Gadfly on Apr 2, 2016

At home, Ichabod is grinding cappuccino when Abbie returns. He figures that they should embrace life to the full if they’re going to the Catacombs, and Abbie agrees. She gives Ichabod the gourmet doughnut that she bought for him and he eats it, and she drinks the cappuccino. Abbie then admits that she’s scared of going to the catacombs, but refuses to let Ichabod go alone. Later at the archive, Joe, Jenny, and Sophie complain to Ichabod and Abbie that their new “ally,” Pandora, will screw the…

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