Salivation Army

Liv, Major, and Clive infiltrate a Max Rager party to get to the secret basement and find the missing zombies... including Liv's boyfriend Drake. Meanwhile, Boss sends men after Blaine, who turns to Peyton and Ravi for help.


By Gadfly on Apr 13, 2016

At her apartment, Liv is cooking Janko brains for Major. She warns that Vaughn sent Janko, and they need Janko's soldier-for-hire skills to get the imprisoned zombies out. Major explains that he promised Natalie and the DA he get them unfrosted. Peyton and Ravi return, and Peyton explains that the mayor shut down the Boss task force. At the station, Clive calls Dale and asks her to call him back. He insists that he has a good reason for what he did and says that he misses her. Boss's thugs…

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Episode Discussion

alexx posted 2 years ago

Light entertainment at its best. It felt like a huge push for a great end to the season. I love how much fun this season has been: A private military contractor called Philmore Graves. At the same time the cast manage to stay true to their characters, (I was worried that Major might stray at times in this episode,) effortlessly letting me suspend my disbelief. I'm not a fan of the Team Z genre, but this show has me hopeful for Liv and her crew. I could watch a season of this each week. (Notice how I tastefully void consuming puns... but I do crave more of Miss Moore.)

wildandwild posted 3 years ago

Great finale. And the entire gag with Rob Thomas! I thought they were making a meta joke until Rob Thomas The Musician showed up.

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