Comfort's Overrated

Hank has competition when Emily Peck shows that she is just not a pretty face and that she is taking clients away from Hank. Meanwhile, Evan goes on a fake date with a wealthy girl who doesn't want her parents to know that she is dating an older guy. Evan has to see if Mack, an owner of a macaroni and cheese truck, has a neurological disorder or if he is just a jerk. Hank is accused of stealing one of Emily's patients and has to take Emily on a bet.


By pentar on May 25, 2016

The episode opens with Jill getting macaroni and cheese from Mac's gourmet beach-side restaurant. Mac tells Jill that he and his wife have not been talking to each other. When Jill responds, Mac closes up and says he doesn’t want to talk about it. Jill tells Hank that Emily Peck has set up shop and wonders if he is worried. He says that he is not upset and that there is enough business to go around. Back at HankMed Evan wants to get a new car and Divya wants to leave early for something “persona…

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