Playing Dead

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Episode Discussion

PatrickAbe posted a year ago

Detectives Goren and Eames investigate the shooting of Stacy Hayes-Fitzgerald and her boyfriend Rick Siebert, two drug addicts who are blackmailing Stacy's stepfather, Neil Hayes-Fitzgerald (Scott Cohen), a politician running for mayor. Rick was killed in the shooting, but Stacy survived by playing dead for hours under his bleeding corpse until they were found by Stacy's mother, Josie. After returning home from the hospital, Stacy attempts to commit suicide. After seeing how she reacts when Neil is around, Goren asks Stacy if she has been abused, but she denies it. Goren discovers that Stacy and her family moved to Switzerland for a year when she was in high school, and realizes that Stacy's younger sister Sophie is actually her daughter by Neil. While questioning Neil and his mother, Camille (Kathy Baker), it is revealed that she had Rick killed because he was threatening to expose Neil's family scandal, thwarting his mayoral bid.

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