While Christian and Deena trying to find a killer, Christian is plagued by headaches and receives a request to coach a new generation of Powers. In the past, Patrick gains his powers and he proves incidental in stopping the Nazis from winning World War II.


By Gadfly on Jul 1, 2016

France, The Battle of Argonne Forest - 14 October, 1918 Soldiers hunch down on the line as enemy fire comes in from a sniper post. The command officer, Morrison, tells his men that victory is waiting for them after they charge forward, and the Germans are all that stand between them and their loved ones. Patrick says that Morrison is the murdering SOB, and Morrison orders him to repeat himself. When Patrick tells him to stop it, Morrison calls him a coward and says that he'll have him shot. P…

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Episode Discussion

JenniferEmilson posted 2 years ago

Anyone know where I can find and English translation for the scenes in German?

tnt posted 2 years ago

Guys, please, do not write spoilers in the comments and episode summary.

DarrenGoodall posted 2 years ago

SuperShock's World War II Origin story. Senator Bailey Brown (The Cobalt Knight) is found Murdered and Walker has headaches.

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