Greg and Tina Tilden are the owners of a charming Queensland workers' cottage in Toowoomba. The house has strong links to the town's local history and serves as an intriguing insight into early health care. At a time when women gave birth at home, often without adequate professional assistance, local midwives offered up their own homes as a kind of private maternity clinic, which was seen as a safer alternative. They were known as ‘Lying-in hospitals' and as Adam's research reveals, many babies were born in the Toowoomba cottage under the direction of its owner, known as Nurse Lea.

However, the role the cottage played in community healthcare is blighted by a dark story. One day a stranger knocked on the Tildens' door and recounted a deathbed confession that described how a newborn was stolen from the nursery over 70 years ago. In an attempt to validate the claim, Adam exhausts every traditional research method and ultimately has to think outside the box.

As Adam also learns, the house itself is a survivor, fortunately escaping damage from Toowoomba's 2011 tragic floods and a history of neglect. The Tildens want to personally thank the person who pulled their home back from dilapidated ruin, and their wish is granted thanks to a strange twist of fate.

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