The Guest

Kirsten's half-sister Ivy reaches out to her with information about Daniel, but wants an exchange of information. Kirsten is forced to tell her about the Stitchers program while giving away as little information as possible. Meanwhile, Linus' father goes in for surgery, and Nina tells Cameron to make a choice between her and Kirsten.


By Gadfly on May 19, 2016

At the lab, Maggie gets off the phone with Mitchell and calls to Quincy. She says that someone linked the Langston case to the press, and wonders where everyone else is. He refuses to tell her where Kirsten is, pointing out that it gives Maggie plausible deniability when Mitchell asks her if she knew. Kirsten answers the door and finds her half-sister Ivy Brown there. Ivy says that she's not staying and only has one thing to say to her. She wanted to say it to Kirsten's face, and see what Kir…

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