The Winds of Winter

Alliances are made, the High Sparrow is holding trials at King's Landing, Daenerys is sailing for the Seven Kingdoms and a new King of the North is crowned.

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naveed posted 10 months ago

Thanks to old and new gods, winter has finally came. Cersei rocks finally :) i've been waiting for her revenge from 1st episode.

Thomas posted 11 months ago

Though I wished Daenarys to have a bigger part within this season, season six has definitely been the best season for me as of yet. Can't wait for season Seven after such an ending!

bernardo90 posted 11 months ago

this episode was absolutely satisfying!

Talyrius posted 11 months ago

These last two episodes have been amazing—the best the show has ever done.

JuanArango posted 11 months ago

This was almost as amazing as the episode before, loved it :)

JCuervo_a posted a year ago

Thank God we live in the era of Game of Thrones!.

pentar posted a year ago

No need for 401Ks in this land, no one reaches retirement!

jleclanche posted a year ago

This is hands down the best 60 minutes of TV I have ever watched.

What a finisher to the best season of Game of Thrones so far. I cannot picture anything topping it.

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