No Ordinary Marriage

Jim and Stephanie keep their powers under wraps, but it doesn't mean their abilities are dormant as Jim hunts for bank robbers and Stephanie goes back on her word about using her super speed. Meanwhile, Jim attempts to track down some elusive bank robbers, Stephanie looks into discovering the source of the family's newly acquired powers, and Daphne, trying to find a way keep the voices in her head from drowning out her ability to read minds, discovers that JJ has become a super genius but is hiding it from the family. Meanwhile Jim and Stephanie not only keep their powers a secret from the world but from each other too, as Stephanie discovers Jim has become a crime fighter and Jim finds out that Stephanie has used her new power of speed after promising not to. Detective Yvong Cho is suspicious about Jim. Jim tells Yvong Cho about his powers. She warns him. She comes back to her house and sees The Watcher, Joshua. He brings her up into the air and finally puts her down. He brings the gun to the air and aims it at her. He leaves the room. Then the gun shoots Yvong off screen. The Watcher calls Dr. Dayton King. The episode ends with King in Global Tech.

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