A Ripe Young Age

Donna and David visit her grandmother in San Luis Obispo. Noting a striking resemblance between David and her late husband, Mrs. Martin tells the couple about her romance with Donna's grandfather, whom she knew for just a few months before he was killed in World War II. Donna and David are touched as they look through Capt. and Mrs. Martin's old pictures and letters. They decide to have faith in their relationship in spite of obstacles such as Felice's opposition. Meanwhile, Kelly finds a young 11-year-old boy sleeping on her front porch who introduces himself as Joey. She reluctantly breaks a promise to the runaway by turning him in to social services, and is wracked with guilt when she learns that Joey ran away from the shelter. Also, Valerie begins a romance with a hot new movie star, named Rob Andrews, who looks to her for support because he is uncomfortable with the industry. Elsewhere, Steve enlists the help of Clare, Brandon and Tracy to film an infomercial for his marketing class, and they all end up in a "sticky situation" with the product.

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