After being freed, an ex-Wall Street hot shot (Jack Scalia) jailed for a fraud he didn't commit sets himself up as a bodyguard of sorts. Prison life seems to have honed him well for the job...

The heady world of high finance meets the rough Justice of the streets when feuding Wall Street executive J. Conrad Harper (Jack Scalia - 'Dallas') finds himself locked behind bars, convicted of a crime he didn't commit.

Years later he is pardoned and released back into society. But now tough and 'streetwise,' with lightning instinct, and nerves of steel, Harper knows too much has changed for him to return to his old life.

What he needs is a new career, and when he finds himself forced to protect the sister of an old friend, he knows he has found one.

J Conrad Harper, jet-set executive, and Connie Harper, prison inmate, have merged into one unbeatable bodyguard - the ultimate pointman.

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