The Stranger

August promises to enlighten Emma and take her on a journey that will show her how she can beat Regina, and possibly take custody of Henry; and with Mary Margaret returning to work, Regina puts a plan in motion to seduce David. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, with the Evil Queen's curse about to strike, Geppetto agrees to a plan that will save Snow White and Prince Charming's daughter, but with a proviso that could also save his own son.


By FreakZilla on Oct 17, 2014

"No one is getting through that...." We're in Storybrooke where August, aka The Stranger, just finished installing a solid wooden slide-bolt lock on Emma and Mary Margaret's front door to keep Regina, and her skeleton keys, out. It seems they don't want the Mayor over for another one of her unexpected visits, especially now that Emma has declared that she's going after custody of Henry.Speaking of Henry, he calls a "code red" for Operation Cobra, which has Emma dashing off to Granny's to meet hi…

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