South Will Rise Again

Jesse sets out to use the Voice to solve the troubles of the people of Annville. Meanwhile, Odin agrees to a meeting with the Green Acres people, Donnie realizes what he's up against, and Tulip and Cassidy begin a relationship.


By Gadfly on Jun 27, 2016

The Past The Cowboy rides into Ratwater and goes into the apothecary to get some medicine for his daughter. The owner says that he'll have it ready for him in the morning and it's the best he can do. The Cowboy goes to the town's saloon to wait. He goes to the bar and the barkeeper says that he can wait in a chair with a bottle of whiskey. As he waits, the Cowboy hears a preacher named Macready talking to the others, talking about Noah. Macready then sees the Cowboy and says that he recog…

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Episode Discussion

JuanArango posted 2 years ago

This episode brought me back on track, I found the last two ones pretty slow, now the action is back again :)

sammy_hunt posted 2 years ago

This episode had some of the best high points, and some of the worst low points of the series. Rockiest episode yet. Fingers crossed it evens out some in the next few episodes or I may have to give up on this series. Which would be a real shame, because there has been some absolutely hilarious shit happening!

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