The Walls of Jericho

Davies advances the timetable of the Noah Objective, and the team discovers that he's working with Reiden. While they try to get a sloth that may hold the key to the mutation, Chloe and Dariela find the gas that Davies plans to use to wipe out the mutated animals. In New Brunswick, Jamie and Logan are attacked by the men who hired Logan... and want their money back.



By Gadfly on Jul 13, 2016

In Costa Rica, soldiers are lurking in the jungle, guns ready. They tranq a sloth and prepare it for transport. In New Brunswick, Jamie and Logan make their way through the forest. She complains that he's lied to her, and Logan insists that he didn't want her to run and he's told her everything. They hear animals growling in the distance, and Logan prepares to fire a shot to scare them off. Jamie warns that he'll attract more animals, and Logan lowers the gun. When he complains that it's free…

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Episode Discussion

everdeen posted 2 years ago

This season is becoming worse...

Aidan posted 2 years ago

If I were a 4 star psychopath, where would I hide a sloth ?

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