Bedtime Story

As the Abbies prepare for their final assault, Theo and the townspeople of Wayward Pine face one final decision: how they will face the future.


By Gadfly on Jul 28, 2016

The doctors rush the wounded Jason to the E, and Theo describes the surgery. Oscar insists that Jason isn't just another patient, but Theo tells him that it is. As they go, Kerry stands behind, watching. Margaret stands on a cliff above her people. The thousands of Abbies stare at her, and she finally howls. At her signal, the Abbies run off into the forest. One Abbie runs back to their camp and yells, signaling the others to come. They howl back in response and charge forward. In Wayward…

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Episode Discussion

tnt posted 2 years ago

On the contrary to pentar's comment, I liked Jason Patrick's performance. Dr. Yedlin behaviour was exactly like it's supposed to be under the given circumstances, imho.
Really, what can you expect from the guy, who suddenly wakes up in the middle of dictatorship, torn from his life forever, with no way back? In the strange town with mediocre shortsighted teenage bully as a leader. One of the first things he sees is the public execution. His wife is here, but she's not his wife anymore. And she's carrying another man's child. Something wrong is going on, but there's almost nothing he can do about it. So yeah, he's sullen, angry and bitter.

JuanArango posted 2 years ago

Yeh, they could have easily infected the abbies, but aside its flaws I find the show enjoyable.
I do not think it will return tho.

paddylive posted 2 years ago

Totally agree... even infecting captured abbies then releasing them... or even dart gun? nevermind...

So season 3 (if it returns, it'll be the final season I think, as ratings seem to be down for this show) has a lot to answer for... going on season 2, maybe around mid December it'll be confirmed for airing in may!

pentar posted 2 years ago

First of all, I found this season depressing, specifically because of Jason Patric's portrayal of Dr. Yedlin. The constant sullen attitude, bitterness, anger, etc, was a downer.

Secondly, if they had these bio-weapons, (and Jason had to have known), he would have used them. They have a helicopter and could have aerosolized an offensive counter-strike.

Lastly, that large, organized Abbie village took me by surprise. And it was relatively close to Wayward Pines. Don't you think one of their scouts or helicopter flyovers would have spotted it?

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