The Yellow Brick Road

In Helsinki, Mitch and Abe try to find Jackson after he flees from them after Abe tells his friend what he did. Meanwhile, Allison agrees to meet with the Russian Minister of Defense and persuade him to drop out of the Noah Objective.


By Gadfly on Aug 24, 2016

In Helsinki, Mitch and Abe drive down the road, swerving to avoid oncoming cars. Abraham is sure that Jackson couldn't have gotten far, and Mitch gets coordinates from Jamie. She says that the tracking chip Jackson put in himself shows that he's a few miles ahead. Abe follows the directions and Mitch assures Abe that it's not his fault. However, Abe tells him that Robert is still alive and working with Davies, and that's what he told Jackson. Abe drives the truck up to a building and a herd…

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pentar posted 2 years ago

Is there any end in sight for this show?

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