First Day

The series starts with Will (the main character) on his first day at a new school. Previously Will attended a prestigious, fee-paying school but due to his mother's financial problems, has been relocated to a state school. The experiences of his first day include being bullied by fellow students and unknowingly insulting his head of sixth form, Mr Gilbert. Later on in the episode, he meets the three other main characters: Simon, Jay and Neil. After hearing about a student gathering organised for later that evening at a local pub, Will decides to join them. Trying to impress the trio, the underage Will attempts to illegally buy alcohol, but fails to convince the bartender that he is old enough. When he vents his frustration and reveals that all the patrons are in fact underage, they are all thrown out, for which Will's new classmates take a big disliking to him. This also ignites the rivalry between him and school psychopath Mark Donovan.

Episode Discussion

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