A Night Out in London

Will decides the boys need to lose their "saddo" tag and that they should go clubbing in the centre of London to reinvent themselves. Jay and Neil both sound eager, but Simon is reluctant to do so, stating that they would get robbed, stabbed and killed if they drive down to London. He is later persuaded to go after Neil says that he has a car and will happily drive the group down to the capital, as well as Carli telling him that she and her friend Rachel will also be going down to London on the same night. As the boys prepare for the night out, Simon is informed that he will have to drive seeing as Neil's car lacks an engine. Still excited by the prospect of meeting Carli, he agrees to drive down. When the boys arrive in London, however, things begin to go pear-shaped. Simon is attacked by a scary man waiting at a nearby bus stop after Jay decides to shout out "bus wankers" as they drive past. Simon has to swap his new trainers for piss-stained, tattered shoes from a tramp in order to be allowed in. As Neil and Jay walk off to find some girls, Will and Simon prepare for their "dates" with Rachel and Carli, respectively. Both dates don't go very well, with Rachel smitten by another man, Dean (played by Bird and Thomas' close friend Jonny Sweet) and Carli being put off Simon after the foul smell from his shoes. After Neil is thrown out for "masturbating" in the toilets (he was actually inspecting a cut on his penis he received earlier), the boys decide to call it a night.

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