The Alamo

Flynn's newest attempt to alter history revolves around Santa Anna's attack on the Alamo in 1836. To stop it, the team must help the defenders last long enough to get the civilians to safety. Meanwhile, Wyatt is informed that the current mission will be his last as he is being reassigned.


By Gadfly on Nov 1, 2016

March 5, 1836 William Travis writes a letter vowing that he will never surrender, and asks the citizens of Texas to come to their aid. He vows to sustain himself as long as possible and looks out from the walls of the Alamo on the Mexican forces. Now Rufus meets privately with Connor and asks if Rittenhouse is monitoring them. He explains that he's late because the Rittenhouse agents hacked his car earlier. Connor says that they shouldn't be contacting him directly, and insists that he…

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